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Hardcore Pokemon FAN ^^
United States
Who Are You In The Mane 6?
Who Are You In The Mane 6?
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What Alicorn Princess Are You?
What Alicorn Princess Are You?
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Dashie plushie by hikariviny Princess Twilight Sparkle plushie by hikariviny
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kiraradaisuki has started a donation pool!
115 / 800
Anyone donating will be much obliged :aww:

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:star: I collect Pokedolls by VengefulSpirits :star: :heart: Amaura Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsAurorus Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps :heart: pokemon X stamp by ingart15 :heart:

Really just even 1 point means a lot.

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Been finished with my X version for sometime, and now I'm here to ask for some friend codes please.

Here's mine: 4055-3035-3970
and I go by "Kirara" on my DS

*also if anyone takes my friend code, please share me yours and let me know by comment
I really want to trade some friend safaris.

I would really like to ask for some fire and water safaris..but any safari would be great.

Thank you

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